Functional Screening Solution - Step by Step Approach

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The Functional Screening Solution

Overall Rating 4.8/5
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4 Reasons To Read This Book

One :
This book provides a step-by-step of how to screen.
What instructions should you tell your client
What faults should you look for in each movement
How to score each of these faults.

Two : Provides the skills to undertake additional tests. Once you have identified the faults in the movement patterns it is important to start dissecting why this athlete had these specific movement problems.

Is it a mobility issue? Joint tightness, flexibility issues in the muscle or potential muscle trigger points and spasm may contribute to the movement problem

Is it a Activation/Stability issue? An inability to activate ow ‘switch on’ the correct musculature may contribute to the problems

Is is a motor control issue? The mobility and activation may be perfect but for some reason the athlete doesn’t have the correct technique down.

You can’t guess which of these is the issue. You have to test to find out. Otherwise you could be doing a great mobility routine that is totally useless because this is not the person’s main issue

Three : Once you have the key practical skills to assess movement effectively this book gives you the skills to determine the weakest link and outlines the corrective strategy to follow:
What is the weakest link? What is it that you should be working on first to get the best results for you or your clients?
Four : Delivers a step by step guide how to fix each movement problem you will encounter. Section 3 gives almost a cook book approach to fixing movement issues. It outlines what movements to avoid. What exercises to start with and what exercises you should progress to.

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Get two great bonuses by buying the book here rather than with Amazon.

Video Series to bring the book to life.

This video series is a companion to the book and shows via video each key element of the book. See how to set up the screens; a video explaining the key elements behind the corrective strategy and finally videos explaining and demonstrating the key exercises from the book.

Videos series based on the next project ‘Correctives to Conditioning’.

Get insights into even more dynamic screens such as jump landing assessment and how to fix the key elements that can go wrong. Learn how to incorporate good movement patterns into a strength and conditioning programme designed to enhance performance. Please Note: When Correctives to Conditioning is published this bonus will be removed with the purchase of ‘The Functional Screening Solution’. So this bonus is somewhat time limited.

About The Author

Eoin Everard is a chartered physiotherapist and Certified Athletic Therapist who specialises with low back, hip and knee pain. He also specialises with people with chronic pain. Everyone has unique circumstances and as such need to be treated individually. Our philosophy is to provide indi-viualised treatment plans designed to help patients enjoy an active live.

Dr. Eoin Everard has a PhD in movement mechanics re-ceived from University of Limerick. He lectures with Limer-ick Institute of Technology and has provided lectures and advice on functional screening and health for Athletics Ire-land, Saracens Rugby, the Limerick Leader. He is a weekly columnist on Health and Fitness for the Kilkenny People. He has multiple papers published in international journals and having presented at a number of international confer-ences.

He has previously done worked in Montreal Canada as part of his undergraduate training and has worked with top GAA teams and Olympians in the past. He is an avid runner and is the first and currently only Kilkenny man to break the 4 minute mile.

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